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Wheaton College auditoriums are spacious, comfortable, and equipped with plentiful media A/V resources for your group. Whether you are hosting a concert, having an event with audience participation, an intimate theater performance, or entertaining with a formal banquet Wheaton's auditoriums will provide the space you need to have a professional and successful event!

Edman Chapel 
401 E. Franklin St

Barrows Auditorium 500 E. College Ave

Armerding Recital Hall 
520 E. Kenilworth

Amerding 136 Recital Hall.jpg

Armerding Concert Hall
520 E. Kenilworth

ARM 190 rendering 2.jpg

Coray Auditorium 421 N. Chase St

Coray Banquet 1.jpg

King Arena 
603 E. Kenilworth

King Arena 1a.JPG

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