Housing Accommodations

Wheaton College residential accommodations have more than 1,900 beds, air conditioning, WiFi, and staff assistance to provide a comfortable and hassle-free conference experience. Campus accommodations are conveniently located near meeting and dining facilities and are available from June through the last week of July. Expansive floor lounges, attractive lobby and public areas, computer labs, TV, laundry, kitchen, and recreation rooms make these facilities ideal for guests of all ages. 

Fischer Hall 600 E. Harrison

Smith/Traber Hall 611 N. Howard

Smith Traber Hall

Evans/McManis Hall 525 E. Franklin

Evans McManis Hall

Townhouses 520 E. Harrison

Town houses

Williston Hall 536 E. Franklin

Wiliston Hall

Duplexes 825 N. Irving

2 Flats

Harbor House 510 N. Washington

Harbor House

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